Customize a heating and cooling system that is perfect for your family based on what is important to you. Choose your HVAC replacement depending on features that provide solutions for your individual needs: efficiency, quiet operation, warranty, reliability, and comfort.

Most Efficient

  • Choosing the most efficient furnace look for a minimum of 90% AFUE
  • When choosing an air conditioner at 15 SEER is the minimum efficiency you should contemplate
  • No less than 9.50 HSPF for Heat Pumps
  • Variable speed motor
  • Multi-stage operation
  • AHRI- matched systems

Most Comfortable

  • Variable speed motors
  • humidity control year-round
  • Small monthly electric bills
  • even cooling and heating through out the home

Multi-stage operations

  • Adjustable heat output based on indoor and outdoor temps instead of being “on” or “off”
  • Multi stage compressors are like having two air conditioners in one. The first stage of cooling will run when temps are mild using less energy but running more often to keep you comfortable
  • During extreme outdoor temperatures the equipment will use the second stage but because of higher seer rating will still operate more efficiently than a standard system

Quiet operations

  • Heating
    • Quiet combustion technology
    • Smaller BTU inputs per burner
    • Progressive start up to avoid whooshing air and duct work popping
    • Protected and insulated cabinets to block sound
  • Cooling
    • Choose products with sound reduction technology
    • High-level fan blades
    • Heavy-duty sound blankets for compressors

Greatest reliability

  • Look for extended labor warranties
  • Ten-year limited warranties on parts
  • Lifetime limited warranties on heat exchangers
  • Choose a contractor that includes extended maintenance programs