Arlington Heating & Furnace Repair

When Old Man Winter is knocking at your door, are you ready for battle? Call Nice Heating & Air to make sure your heater is up to the task!

Here in Arlington, VA, winters can get brutal, which is why you need a furnace you can rely on to keep your family comfortable and safe all winter long. If your furnace hasn’t been well, or if it suddenly fails, call us for our emergency heating repair service and let us get your system working as quickly as possible.

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Is Your Furnace Trying to Tell You Something?

No one likes the thought of their furnace or heater going out in the dead of winter, but unfortunately, it happens all too often. However, your furnace usually gives out plenty of warning signs telling you it needs repair or replacement. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Air coming out isn’t hot enough
  • Furnace cycles on and off too frequently
  • Furnace emits strange sounds such as grinding or squealing
  • Furnace emits foul odors
  • The desired temperature can’t be met or maintained

These are all telltale signs your furnace is failing. Call an emergency heating repair company at the first sign of trouble!

How to Keep Your Furnace in Tip-Top Shape

The key to keeping your furnace efficient and running faithfully for a long time is routine maintenance. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your furnace provides you with years of service.

  • Replace filters once a month
  • Keep your blower clean
  • Ensure the ducts are free from obstruction
  • Keep vents clear
  • Call a pro and ask for heating tune-up and maintenance service

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When to Call a Heating Contractor

Not every furnace issue requires emergency repair, but sometimes, you simply can’t wait. Here are the times when you have to call for immediate help.

  • Your pilot light won’t stay lit
  • You smell gas
  • Your heater or furnace isn’t putting out hot air
  • Your furnace won’t turn on

Don’t panic if your furnace suddenly stops! Call Nice Heating & Air in the Arlington, VA area for emergency heating repair at (703) 436-8133.