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Say goodbye to worry and uncertainty of your HVAC system stay ahead of problems and eliminate inconveniences. Eliminate the worry and know your home’s comfort is protected. Ensure the performance and efficiency of your HVAC with Nice Heating & Air.





(most Popular - 2 yearly maintenance visits) 

Perfect for those who like it the way it is


$15.00 per month


$180 Per Year

(2) Maintenance Visits

Free service calls during normal business hours 

15% Off services and repairs

15% Off emergency service 

System checks via service visits

Get money yearly towards new systems (401-C)

Free tune-up for a friend

4 hour response time from call to us in your home

Up to 1 lb of R410 refrigerant per year

One time install and hardware fee



(no home visits for maintenance)

For those who want something new


$5.00 per month*

32 Point remote maintenance checks every month 

Free service calls during normal business hours 

15% Off services and repairs

15% Off emergency service 

24 Hour priority service 


10 Installed diagnostic sensors

Urgent system alerts

Up to 20% energy savings 

Filter Reminders

Free tune-up for a friend

Up to 1 lb of R410 refrigerant per year

*One time install and hardware fee $399.00

Smart Plus

(best of both worlds, 1 maintenance visit)

Only for those who want it all


$15.00 per month*

(1) Maintenance Visit

Free service calls during normal business hours 

15% Off services and repairs

15% Off emergency service 

24 Hour priority service  


10 Installed diagnostic sensors

Urgent system alerts

Up to 20% energy savings

Filter Reminders

32 Point remote maintenance checks every month 

Free tune-up for a friend

Up to 1 lb of R410 refrigerant per year

*One time install and hardware fee $399.00

Prevent Unexpected Failure

Continuous performance checks ensures small problems are identified before escalating into major repairs. 

Prolong Equipment Life

Just like the "check engine" light on your dashboard, Sensi Predict™️ helps you stay ahead of essential maintenance for your system's longevity

Save Time & Money

HVAC is the major consumer of gas and electricity, preventative maintenance can save up to 20% of your utility costs. 

Promotes healthy, clean air

Regular maintenance helps ensure you and your family are always breathing healthy, clean air in your home. 

Thousands of happy customers, and counting!


Surprise and delight good people ⏤ that's our goal



Fantastic, amazing, super credible, thorough, and thoughtful! I can't say enough great things about my experience. From the Quick turn around on the quote and appointment to John and his help with my horrible AC issue to the confirming I was pleased after my service, it was all great. I've already referred my mom and want her to use Nice from now on like I plan to! If I could give six stars, I would - saved my life (and dog's) in the DC summer.

I scheduled for a fireplace and HVAC annual check up, and Fredy and Thomas showed up right on time. The overall experience was awesome - it was pretty much the definition of customer service everyone would cherish and appreciate. They were friendly, and cheerful, on top of doing a thorough rockstar job. The entire process was stress free as they were very transparent in regards to what I need vs. what are the good to haves (didn't force sell either... everyone hates that). They were not just typical technicians - definitely getting to the trusted advisor/friend level. Made my day. Thank you Fredy and Thomas!

Been with Nice H&A for close to a year now. Technicians are top notch, explain everything in layman's terms, and are simply amazing. They tell you exactly what they're doing and advise on any recommendations.

I've bought a hot water heater through them, and had my air ducts also cleaned by them. Just recently I had some parts fixed on my A/C, and air sanitation added to my inside unit. Can't recommend them enough!!

Monthly Performance Report

24/7 monitoring is summarized into monthly performance reports overviewing key measures including runtime, estimated costs and filter status. 



Eliminate Unnecessary Service Visits

Eliminate the inconvenience of scheduling annual visits and waiting for service.  Detailed performance monitoring measures 32 data points of your system replacing the need for unnecessary service calls. 


Trusted Third Party Monitoring

Ten professionally installed sensors analyze 32 functions on your system to keep you comfortable.  It is the new dashboard for your HVAC system to insure all systems are operating properly.



Real Time Alerts

Actionable alerts tell you when a problem is detected.  We'll immediately send you an email with a straightforward explanation and recommended action. 

Additional Club Benefits

Joining any Comfort Advantage Club comes with many club perks and features


Rebates on repairs

If your equipment ever ends up breaking, we give you a 15% discount on all services and repairs, Period! 

Free service calls

Free service calls during normal business hours for all club members.  Never pay a diagnostic fee, ever!

Save for the future

Get 50% of your investment as a credit to be applied to your future purchase of a replacement furnace and air conditioning system.  We make it easy for you to save!

Priority Service

You get in front of the line.  Our members are our VIP's! If you ever are without heat or without cooling we move you to the front of the line and promise you get the fastest service available, anywhere!

Gift a Friend

Get a free precision tune-up to gift to a friend or family member when you sign up for a membership in your home.  Services worth $179.00

Locked in price

As long as your plan remains active you will never pay a dime more for your membership.  

Create the ultimate smart home.  

Upgrade with a new smart thermostat and air scrubber UV system

GLAS Smart Thermostat and Sensi Predict ™️ $599



✓Active Monitoring $5 a Month

✓Lifetime Warranty

Air Scrubber $1,089

ActivePure® is the only Certified Space Technology created in cooperation with NASA to protect the health of the astronauts on board the International Space Station.


GLAS Thermostat $389

Intuitively monitors your schedule so when you’re home, you’re comfortable. GLAS isn’t just elegant. It’s always working.




Frequently asked questions

What is Sensi Predict™️?

Sensi predict is a remote monitoring system that alerts you of HVAC issues and protects your comfort. Custom sensors collect and analyze never-before-seen HVAC data.  That way, you can prevent breakdowns, extend the life of your system, and save you time and money.

Do I need a plan for each HVAC system?

Yes, you need a plan  on every HVAC system that you want to monitor.  If you have more than one heating and cooling system in your home, you'll need hardware (sensor) on both sets of equipment.  We consider an HVAC system to be a heater/furnace/air handler/indoor unit AND a heat pump/air conditioner/ outdoor unit

How do I transfer my plan?

Just call or email our office to transfer your Comfort Advantage Club to a new property or to a new homeowner. You are welcome to take your coverage anywhere within our service area.

How does the service work?

A HVAC technician installs 10 custom sensors on your HVAC equipment.  if a serious issue is verified you and your contractor will both receive an alert.  It includes guidance on how to fix the issue now, before it's a major problem

Is there a limit to free service calls?

No! You can schedule as many free visits during normal business hours that you need. Our business hours are from 8-5pm Monday thru Friday. There is no charge for scheduling a regular visit during these times, excluding National Holidays.

How do I cancel?

Email or call 30 days before the next billing date! There are no termination fees. If you ever move out of the area you can easily call or email and request to end your Comfort Agreement Club Membership. It's that easy.


Rarely asked questions

When will I need to replace my system?

Great question! Your system needs to be replaced when the cost of operating the system monthly is more expensive than purchasing a new system. Smart homeowners know that the money they are spending on utility bills and repairs cost them more than it would be to install a new system

How much is the average HVAC Repair?

Average repairs start at $400 and only increase as your system ages.  With proper maintenance and monitoring you can resolve problems before they cause damage to your system and prevent high repair costs.

Why do new systems fail?

New systems fall not because of the brand of equipment but rather than the installation of the equipment. The majority of equipment installed today by HVAC contractors are not installed properly.  With Sensi predict within 10 minutes of installation to verify proper install by a third party monitoring agency. 

Where can I find my invoices?

Please go to our website and click on "customer hub", there you'll find them all. Including a way to download them to your own computer.

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Predict unexpected Failures

Prolongs equipment life

Lower utility costs 

Peace of Mind

Third Party Validation

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