Fairfax 24 Hour Heating & Furnace Repair

Old Man Winter is ready for battle! Is your furnace up to the task? If not, call Nice Heating & Air and ask about our heating tune-up and maintenance service.

Here in Fairfax, VA, the temperatures frequently drop below freezing during winter, which is why it’s essential for the health and comfort of your family that your furnace works day and night all winter long. At Nice Heating & Air, our award-winning service is second to none in the area and we guarantee you’ll be happy if you trust us as your ‘go-to’ furnace service company.

If you’re still on the fence about hiring us, check out what your neighbors are saying at our customer reviews page and then call for an appointment.

Don’t Ignore These Furnace Failure Warning Signs

Having a furnace break down when you need it most is inconvenient and unhealthy. Get to know the warning signs telling you it’s time to call a heating contractor for help before disaster strikes. If your furnace shows any of the following, give us a call:

  • Doesn’t put out heat like it used to
  • Cycles on and off frequently
  • Can’t keep room temperatures consistent
  • Emits foul odors
  • Produces strange sounds such as grinding or squealing

If you notice any of those signs, call for emergency heating repair right away to ensure your system stays reliable all winter long.

What’s the Key to Furnace Longevity? Regular Maintenance!

Since no one likes replacing their heater or furnace because of the hassle and the expense, it’s wise to ensure your system remains faithful year in and out by keeping it well-maintained. Here are a few tips to do just that:

  • Keep your filters clean
  • Check the blower motor for proper function
  • Reduce your home’s heating load to ensure your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard
  • Keep your vents and exhaust flue free from obstruction
  • Call a heating contractor at least once a year for maintenance service

Are you worried about the cost of a new furnace or furnace repair? We have many financing options to make it affordable to almost anyone.

When to Call a 24 Hour Heating Repair Company

We know that not every heating problem is an emergency, but sometimes the issue is so dire, you need immediate help. Call for help right away if your furnace:

  • Suddenly stops working
  • Pumps out cold air
  • Pilot light won’t stay lit
  • Produces bad odors or you smell gas

Don’t wait for winter to find out your furnace is failing. Call Nice Heating & Air in the Fairfax, VA area and get a tune-up! Call today at (703) 436-8133.