Gas Fire Place Installation & ReplacementLakeridge, VA

Nice Home Services keeps homeowners in Lakeridge, VA perfectly comfortable with high quality gas fireplaces.  We add beauty and warmth to your home, handling every facet of installation properly and to your specifications.  Our team works closely with you, factoring in your expectation for cost, aesthetics, and heating capacity, as well as the requirements of your space, to custom design a solution that’s ideal for you.  We recommend only proven manufacturers, offering a wide range of styles, conveniences, and state-of-the-art features, putting precision control at your fingertips.

Professional Gas Fireplace Installation Service

A natural gas fireplace provides the benefits of flickering flames with none of the drawbacks.  There’s no dirty firewood, unpleasant fumes, or mess.  With the simple touch of a button on a wireless remote, you tailor comfort to your preferences and enjoy a cozy home on a cold winter’s night.  And because the installation of a gas fireplace does not necessarily require a chimney, you can benefit from installation in virtually any room.  Call on the experts from Nice Home Services, and we’ll provide the information, suggestions, and services that add up to an improved way of life.  We complete your project quickly, neatly, and to the highest standards of performance.  For professional gas fireplace installation, Nice Home Services is the reliable choice throughout Lakeridge, VA.