How to Clean Dust – Step by Step Guide



Does dusting your house frighten you? Even before you start, do you feel tired and bored of it?

If yes, you are doing it completely wrong.

Cleaning dust from your house is the best and fun thing to do.

You get to kill the dust mites and eliminate all the diseases causing particles from your home.

To make it interesting, you should follow this simple step by step guide in this article and enjoy the rollercoaster ride which is the coolest thing to do.

Steps to Clean Dust

Below are the simple steps that you can follow to clean the dust from your home altogether.

STEP #1 Collect all the things you need to Dust Your House

What makes dusting difficult for most of the people is the continuous exercise of gathering the tools after starting the dusting.

What you should do is collect all the required dusting tools at the same place so that you do not have to go again and again in search for them.

STEP #2 Adopt a Systematic Approach

Do not go to random dust things. If you are undertaking this practice, you should make sure you are cleaning everything.

Start from either left or the right side of the place and move to the other end while cleaning each and everything.

To make it fun, you can listen to music so that you swirl with the beats of the music and clean the space.

STEP #3 Rinse the Cloth Regularly

After continuous dusting, your cloth can become dirty, and in most cases, it will happen quite often.

You should either rinse or wash your cloth on a regular basis so that you are not playing with the dust but cleaning it

STEP #4 Use Vacuum over Furniture

Furniture can be hard to clean with a brush or cloth, therefore; it is better to clean them with a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming will suck up the dirt particles you cannot clean with a brush or cloth. Clean the dust particles in the hard places with a vacuum cleaner also

STEP #5 Clean the Floor

After dusting, you will notice there are dust particles on the floor.

These particles can again make the home dirty, and that is why you should clean at the very end. Use a floor brush or a mop to clean the dirt from the floor surface.

STEP #6 Use Air Freshener

The dust has a particular smell, and after dusting, you will sense more often.

It is advised to use an air freshener at the very end so that your house also smells better while glowing at the same time

This article is a very simple step by step guide to clean the dust from your home.

Your house looks perfect when it is cleaned, and the reason for this exercise is to make your home perfect.

STEP #7 Inspect ductwork

Where does all the loose dust go during this process?

You know you have seen the pretty specs glimmering in the sunshine pouring through the windows. But the ugly truth ends up in your homes air stream.

That means it’s in your ductwork and can clog or restrict your system.

Regular dusting will help eliminate some of the problems; even the cleanest home will have dirt, dust, and dander built up in the ductwork.

You can quickly determine a need for duct cleaning services by taking a peek inside your return grill.

The return is where the air gets pulled into your AC system.

If you see dirt and debris, it’s time to get them inspected and think about cleaning. If you need help, you can get a free camera inspection or air quality test done to determine need.


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We hope you find this article helpful and informative. We look forward to keeping coming up with more in the future.

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