Heating and Air Conditioning Springfield Va

We may just look like your typical HVAC company in Springfield, Va but if you look closer we are a family. NICE is made up of exceptional people that support each other. This is a place where you can go after your dreams get paid to do it, get help and a team to cheer you on.

Our founder and CEO, Craig Elliott, believes that business is all about people. Helping people is the core of NICE Home Services and is a part of everything we do. Much thought is given to make sure that everyone succeeds. The opportunities here are boundless and the atmosphere is extremely positive, creative, and supportive of individual needs and goals.

NICE has been voted one of Inc.'s best workplaces in 2017!


Heating and Air Conditioning Team in Springfield VA

Our team is rapidly growing and we are currently seeking exceptional people to help us serve the Northern VA area. We will bring the entrepreneurial atmosphere, you bring the hard work and dedication and together we will succeed.

At NICE you get all the support you need to better yourself, and that is really hard to find out in the world in general, much less the workplace.

This is not your parent’s HVAC company! Passionate about technology, science and the mechanics of how the equipment works, customer service, and marketing.

We hope to meet you soon!

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