AC Repair in Woodbridge

When your AC decides it’s had enough, it’s time to call Nice Heating & Air to get it back into shape!

Here in Woodbridge, VA, summers can be unbearably hot. And when the thermometer pops, you want your home to be a cool oasis to retreat into after a hard day. If your AC isn’t up to the job, call us for emergency AC repair day or night!

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When to Call for Emergency AC Repair

Did you turn on your AC and nothing happened? This is one of the many problems people experience with their air conditioners. Here are situations where you need a reliable AC contractor to call when you’re in an emergency.

  • No cold air
  • Air flow is weak
  • Air temperature differs from room to room
  • Air conditioner makes loud noises
  • Air conditioner emits foul odors such as burning smells
  • Air conditioner cycles on and off quickly

All the above are signs your AC is in serious trouble and could be headed toward failure.

How to Keep Your AC Running Efficiently

Your air conditioner is like any other machine because it needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. To ensure your AC maintains efficiency, lasts as long as possible, and to avoid costly repairs, it’s essential you perform regular maintenance such as changing the filters. Also, call your AC contractor and ask if they have an AC maintenance and tune-up service. Schedule a service call once a year for best results.

If you’re not sure we’re the right central AC repair company for you, check out our customer reviews and then call us for an appointment.

Why Hire Us?

We know there are plenty of air conditioning repair companies you can call in the Woodbridge, VA area, but we focus on your satisfaction by giving you personalized solutions for your problem. We also know you don’t like surprises, which is why you always get upfront pricing. Call us today and find out why we’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award 5 years in a row!

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Nice Heating & Air isn’t just in the business of AC repair, we’re in the business of delivering comfort and high-quality service. Call today (703) 436-8133.